Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Reaching the intended destination of any hike is an achievement.  The best reward?  Gorgeous views all to ourselves. Interested in going?  You’ll find info here…. Yosemite Hikes:  Gaylor Lakes *** The challenge?  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Achievement

Sunlight: After the Rain

Just as I hit the publish button on my last post (Photography 101:  Warmth), the sun burned through the clouds and lit up the plants in my front yard, giving me an opportunity to capture the sunlight on this overcast day. The challenge?  WordPress Photography 101:  Warmth

Photography 101: Warmth

It’s a beautiful, much-needed, rainy, overcast day here.  I’ll keep my eye out today for an opening in the clouds to capture an image for this challenge, which is to “head outside and capture an image of warmth, using the sun as your source.”  In the meantime, here’s an unpublished photo from my archives. TheContinue reading “Photography 101: Warmth”

Photography 101: The Natural World

Playing with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines… Our Front Yard Photos taken November 12th, 2014 The challenge?  WordPress Photography 101:  The Natural World

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

This can must’ve been here two years ago when I shot these photos of my son (Silent Saturday:  Minaret Vista), and for many, many, many years before that! *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Minimalist

Photography 101: Bliss

Bliss: complete happiness, great joy, paradise, or heaven. The challenge?  WordPress Photography 101:  Bliss

Photography 101: Water

Crystal Lake, Mammoth Lakes, California Photo taken October, 2014 The Challenge?  Photography 101:  Water  

Photography 101: Home

The challenge?  Share an image that means home. The view from my front yard. Photo taken November 3, 2014 The assignment… Photography 101:  Home

All is Good!

We’re still here, getting out and about as much as we always have.  All is good!  I’ve simply been preoccupied lately with getting my piano studio up and running and looking for a new house.  Here are a few photos of the cool things we saw on our walk today near our home in theContinue reading “All is Good!”

Treasures: A Nature Basket

My son collects soooo many sticks, rocks, feathers, nuts, and other cool stuff during our outings that his “treasures” have become a bit overwhelming.  In order to provide a space for his favorite discoveries, I gave him a basket.  We call it his “nature basket”, and it’s where the best finds are kept. *** WordPressContinue reading “Treasures: A Nature Basket”