Photography 101: Treasure

While drinking my morning tea, just a few minutes after I looked up the photography theme for today, my son ran in from the backyard and excitedly said, “look at these treasures I just found!”  Perfect! The challenge?  WordPress Photography 101:  Treasure

Treasures: A Nature Basket

My son collects soooo many sticks, rocks, feathers, nuts, and other cool stuff during our outings that his “treasures” have become a bit overwhelming.  In order to provide a space for his favorite discoveries, I gave him a basket.  We call it his “nature basket”, and it’s where the best finds are kept. *** WordPressContinue reading “Treasures: A Nature Basket”

Autumn Walk: Acorns

Looking for sings of fall just outside of Yosemite this past weekend…  my son was fixated on acorns.

Fun with Magnets: Geomag

We’ve used some fun magnet science kits in the past, but the way my son likes to play with magnets best is through building toys.  We have three different kinds… Magna-Tiles, Magformers, and Geomag. I credit my son’s strong understanding of geometric shapes to playing with these magnetic toys. Geomag building kits come with magneticContinue reading “Fun with Magnets: Geomag”

Pattern: For Love of Dirt

Three photos of my son from our walk through the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley last week.  Can you spot the pattern? Yep!  No matter where we go, he’s playing in the dirt. Photos taken May 5th, 2013 *** Weekly Photo Challenge:  Pattern

Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration: Rock Towers

Photos of the evolving outdoor sculpture gallery, from the Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration, 2013, at Stinson Beach, California… For more information about the celebration, visit the official website… 9th Annual Free Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration.  All photos taken April 20th, 2013.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (Seed Update)

Some of you requested that I post updates about the growth of the seeds we planted in our root viewer.   Here’s what we saw on day eight! Interested in making your own root viewer?  Check out the directions here… Kid Science:  Make a Seed Viewer. *** Weekly Photo Challenge:  Change