Treasures: A Nature Basket

IMG_6221My son collects soooo many sticks, rocks, feathers, nuts, and other cool stuff during our outings that his “treasures” have become a bit overwhelming.  In order to provide a space for his favorite discoveries, I gave him a basket.  We call it his “nature basket”, and it’s where the best finds are kept.


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Treasure


  1. Really lovely. My little one is not quite old enough to collect different interesting things. At under two she’s still at the ‘stone’, ‘stone’, ‘stone’ stage…but hopefully soon. I’d love for her to have a treasure basket like you’ve got there!


      1. At the moment we’re still just on different variations of essentially the same piece of gravel! Once she starts branching out a bit I’ll get the basket ready! ;o)


    1. I’m still around! I’m in the process of getting my piano studio going, and it’s taking most of my energy these days. We’re still out hiking and exploring just as much as usual, but I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and write about it… I’ll be back sharing our adventures soon (and checking in on yours!). 🙂


      1. I taught piano for twenty years myself. Good for you! I hope that works really well. Sometimes I really do miss the teaching. You haven’t been showing up in my Reader, but I’ll figure that out. Hope your little guy is doing well. He’s the same age as my oldest granddaughter and I have enjoyed watching him grow up a little bit. They sure are changing at this age! ox


        1. Six is a wonderful age!! I wish I could hold onto this period longer… it’s been a favorite. My mom was a piano / violin teacher, so I know the lifestyle well. We hopefully will be moving into a new home soon (the search has been exhausting, combined with the career change). Once we’re settled, I’ll give my blog more attention! I’ll head over to your blog now and check in on what you’ve been up to. 🙂


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