Birding: American Kestrel


IMG_6147I’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately with my son, who’s now sick with his third cold (flu?) in four weeks.  Today we had to get out for some fresh air.  At around lunchtime, we heard our local Great Horned Owl hoo-hooing.  I know it isn’t a typical night-time owl walk, but we headed out in search of the owl anyways.  We didn’t find it, but this American Kestrel flew right over our heads and landed on a branch near us.  Very cool!


  1. I recently recovered from a cold. Three colds/flu in a month is a lot of infections. I wish your son a speedy recovery.


  2. That’s an amazing photo! I’m a little grossed out, but I’m still awestruck. LOL! My granddaughters have had the same “bug” your son has, I think. And it’s really going around. At one point I think almost half of Sophia’s first grade was out sick at one time! A good weekend’s rest and some fun will be good for everyone. 🙂


  3. so sorry Cy has been sick. 😦  so has our household.

    sorry also to hear that Cy’s little friend Finn is leaving/left.

    been thinking about you lately.  Hope all is well otherwise, and he powers thru this cold, and you 2 don’t catch it as well.



    1. I hope you all feel better soon, too, Leeanne! With us, it just seems like one sickness after another, without any breaks! Hopefully now we’ll have a long stretch of health (for us adults, too!). As for Finn, yes, I just noticed they are moving! We haven’t seen them in soooo long, I don’t think the kids would even know each other anymore. 😦


    1. I do wonder where it found a rat in the middle of the day. But, then, I heard the owls hooting in the middle of the day, too. It’s now summer in winter here in California, so why not night during the day as well?


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