Outback Express Adventure Train: Oakland Zoo

For those of you with little ones in the train stage, this is a fun one!  The Outback Express Adventure Train at the Oakland Zoo takes passengers on a tour of wild Australia, where you may see emus and wallaroos.  Enjoy!




Interested in going?  You’ll find the train station within the rides area, out front of the Oakland Zoo.  You do not need to enter the Oakland Zoo to ride the train (no zoo admission necessary).  Currently, two tickets are needed to ride the train, at $1.50/ticket.  Children under age two are free.  Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth within the rides area.  For more information about the Oakland Zoo, visit the website, www.oaklandzoo.org.  For more information about the Oakland Zoo Rides Area…. www.oaklandzoo.org/Rides_Area.php.


  1. Amy says:

    That is a handsome train! Love the second shot.


    1. I wish the other photos I took came out well enough for me to post… they would have shown the length of the train better. It is a beautiful train!


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