Hummingbird: Harley Farms Goat Dairy

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Butano Camp Trip 120

Butano Camp Trip 130

Butano Camp Trip 128

The garden here is gorgeous!

Harley Farms Goat Dairy

Photos taken June 28th, 2013


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  1. gorgeous shots!!!! wow! all my aloe are orange. man, i’d love to snag some yellow ones. would you like any orange aloe? i have 2 different varieties that bloom at different times. one is blooming now, and one already did mid-late spring. i have a BUNCH of it. and man, its looking gorgeous right now for sure. the hummingbirds love it! let me know – really really easy – i can just yank some out of the ground, or break off a section. easy easy!

    we’re going to go camping out at the san mateo memorial campground beginning of august. yay! and i just emailed my friends telling them we’ll need to go to this goat farm while we’re there!!! 🙂 so fun!



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