Christmas at Ardenwood

Ardenwood Christmas 047This morning we attended another wonderful seasonal event at Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont…. “Christmas at Ardenwood”.  We had a great time, even though it was raining – perhaps even more because of the wet weather.  I was frightened this would be a crowded event, as festivals here usually are.  I was pleasantly surprised that there were only ten cars in the parking lot when we arrived… heaven for my crowd-averse self.

The first thing my son wanted to do upon arrival was find and talk with Santa.  We enjoyed a lovely walk through the rain to the historic Patterson House, where we thought he’d be.  But, no, he wasn’t there!  I, at least, thought the house was decorated beautifully for the season.  We had to move quickly along, though, on our search for Santa.  We found him at our next stop…

Santa was standing, gasp!, all alone in front of the Granary.   He walked right up to my son and started a conversation about Batman (because of my son’s raincoat), and then asked my son what he’d like for Christmas.  My five-year-old quickly replied, “A Lightsaber!”  Then Santa told my son about how new Star Wars movies are going to be made with the original Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leah.  What a treat for my boy to have a relaxed conversation with Santa, without any other kids around.

With the meeting with Santa behind us, we were able to enjoy the rest of the festivities.  We made holiday crafts (little sheep with real wool, pipe cleaner candy canes, book marks decorated with holiday stamps, etc), ate seasonal treats (a candy cane dipped in chocolate and cookies), and listened to the festive live music.  We also walked around to visit our usual favorites at the farm, such as the sheep, the goats, and the peacocks.

What a beautiful way to spend a rainy morning!  Of course, as we were leaving, the storm moved on and the sun came out.  I hope more families were able to make it to the farm this afternoon to enjoy the event in the sunshine!

Ardenwood Christmas 004

Ardenwood Christmas 006

Ardenwood Christmas 008

Ardenwood Christmas 005

Ardenwood Christmas 011

Ardenwood Christmas 022

Ardenwood Christmas 044

If you missed this event, but still want to see the Patterson House decorated for the holidays, you may want to go on Friday evening, December 7th, between 5-8:45pm for “A Christmas Evening at the Patterson House”.


  1. Great series of photos–especially liked the beautiful victorian home. It lookslike your son(?) is enjoying his candy cane. Really nice blog and thanks for visiting mine.


    1. The Patterson House is lovely. They really go all out decorating the inside for the holidays. And, yes, it’s a job requirement that Santa stay up-to-date with what the kids are into.


    1. Technically, he was “Father Christmas”, dressed in traditional Victorian garb. Very cool! And, yes, I read about the Star Wars movies a few weeks ago. Mark Hamill has confirmed he’s interested in doing the movie, and it was also suggested that the other two are considering it, too. Disney purchased Lucasfilm, so we can only hope they’ll remain true to the series.


  2. Love the picture of your son in his raincoat! Five is such a precious age! My son just turned 8 and still is very sweet and loving. Enjoy the magic of the holidays through his eyes! My kids are so excited! 🙂


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