1. Isn’t it fun when you notice someone new at the bird feeders? I’m not home enough during the day to see as many visitors as I once did, but for a few consecutive years we had orange orioles…obviously migrating and just passing through. I’d see them for maybe at most two days, and my heart would just dance! Love your photo of this little guy. You got a nice close shot! 🙂 Debra


    1. Oooh, I love the migration season. All kinds of birds will pass through our backyard. Now that I’m paying closer attention, I’ll note what they are! The funnest part for me is that it’s my son who spots the new birds. He’ll come to me and describe it to me (in surprisingly accurate detail!). Then we’ll have to watch and wait until it shows up again. Love to see him so excited about the birds!


      1. How absolutely wonderful that your son is that attentive! You’re giving him such an opportunity to learn and explore. I just love to hear about a yong one with this interest…makes me feel very hopeful! 🙂


  2. We’ve seen the elusive Western Tanager a few times here this year. For such a brightly colored bird, he sure is hard to spot! I’d love to see the Grosbeak!


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