Hiking the Martin Canyon Creek Trail, Dublin, California

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The Martin Canyon Creek Trail is my favorite spot to hike in Dublin.  It’s even better now that the trail has been cut through to connect with the Dublin Hills Regional Park.  Dublin gets pretty hot in the summer, and this is the only place to hike in the city that has shade.

The trail used to only be maintained to the city’s edge, making it a quick, slightly less than two mile out and back through the canyon.  Which was lovely, but short.  Now, however, the trail extends farther up the valley past the city limit sign into regional parkland, eventually connecting with the Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail.  Now, combined with the Ridge Trail, it’s an excellent 7+ mile out and back!

I enjoyed a great hike here yesterday morning with a friend, for some much appreciated time away from my boy!

Here are a couple shots of the trail through the canyon…

And this one is from the Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail in Dublin Hills Regional Park…

Interested in hiking the Martin Canyon Creek Trail?  The trail head is located in a neighborhood, at the corner of Silvergate Drive and Bay Laurel Drive.  Park on Silvergate Drive.  There are no restroom facilities here!


  1. Do you ever get out to Sunol Regional Wilderness? The creek that runs down to the parking area is lovely, and there are several impressive acorn woodpecker cache trees. A great place for a day hike.


    1. Yes, I love Sunol. It’s one of my favorite spots in the area to hike! And the East Bay Regional Parks offer wonderful naturalist classes there for kids. I haven’t noticed the woodpecker cache trees, though. Thanks! I’ll look for those next time I’m out there.


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