Farewell, Turkeys!

It’s been more than a week since we’ve seen our resident turkeys.  I don’t know where they go over the summer, but I know they’ll return in the fall!  They always do.

A pair, on the hill…

The one who visits us on our fence each day in the spring and fall…

My son and I will look forward to seeing them again in October!


  1. Check out the Amador Valley apt complex along Stagecoach road. They are usually there or in the adjacent Dougherty Hills Park. Flocks get to 30-40 paver there


  2. We live in Dublin and saw 3 turkeys walking by our house a few days ago, then just yesterday 2 walked very close to our yard with a baby turkey. So cute!


    1. I live in Dublin, too. Maybe now I know where they went! Well, not exactly, but somewhere else in Dublin. I usually see the courting behavior, but not the babies. How cute!


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