Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (Seed Update)

Some of you requested that I post updates about the growth of the seeds we planted in our root viewer.   Here’s what we saw on day eight! Interested in making your own root viewer?  Check out the directions here… Kid Science:  Make a Seed Viewer. *** Weekly Photo Challenge:  Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (Purple)

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Color.  Take two… this time with a focus on purple. Photos taken April 5th, 2013, Blake Garden, Kensington, California Related articles Play! Blake Garden (anaturemom.com) Weekly Photo Challenge:  Color (anaturemom.com) Silent Saturday:  Blake Garden (anaturemom.com)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

First light on the hill behind our home…  a prelude to a beautiful day. Photo taken March 23rd, 2013 *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Future Tense

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details (2)

Photos from a hike in January at Redwood Regional Park…  where I became “lost in the details.”  My second take on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Lost in the Details. For more information (and more photos) regarding the ladybug clusters, see my post.. Ladybug Clusters:  Redwood Regional Park

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

I usually photograph what we do and see when we’re out and about in nature.  For the WordPress challenge this week, however, here’s a photo showing a typical indoor activity in our home…  building things. Towers built with Citiblocs Photo taken February 6th, 2013 *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Photo taken January 29th, 2013 Sculpture by Benjamino Bufano Academy of Sciences, San Francisco *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Love

Mamatography: Week 3

A typical week in the life of my 5-year-old… playing with Lego’s, running around outside, watching wildlife, studying dinosaurs… January 16th, 2013 My son insisted I take a photo of his Lego Ninjago guys battling… January 17th, 2013 Watching the deer on the hill behind our home, a favorite activity… January 19th, 2013 The pineContinue reading “Mamatography: Week 3”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Here’s our son, waiting impatiently for me and my husband to get ready to head out on the trail at Crissy Field.  My eyes, however, are drawn “beyond” to the Golden Gate Bridge shining in the background. Please view the weekly challenge here:  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Beyond