Bodega Bay, California

As part of our homeschool studies last year, we did a unit on Alfred Hitchcock movies. One of our favorite Hitchcock films was The Birds. Of course, while in Bodega Bay, we had to check out some of the places filmed in the movie, such as the schoolhouse and the church. But the highlight of the trip was our hike on the Bodega Head Trail…

Holiday Highlights

One of my favorite things from this holiday season? My daily hikes and walks with my son. These are from our New Year’s Day hike. Happy New Year!

Focusing on the Beauty

Keeping healthy and sane with local daily hikes and neighborhood walks during this period of social distancing….

Photography 101: Moment

To capture a fleeting moment…..  but aren’t they all? The challenge?  WordPress Photography 101:  Moment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Reaching the intended destination of any hike is an achievement.  The best reward?  Gorgeous views all to ourselves. Interested in going?  You’ll find info here…. Yosemite Hikes:  Gaylor Lakes *** The challenge?  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Achievement

All is Good!

We’re still here, getting out and about as much as we always have.  All is good!  I’ve simply been preoccupied lately with getting my piano studio up and running and looking for a new house.  Here are a few photos of the cool things we saw on our walk today near our home in theContinue reading “All is Good!”

Mono Lake: Panum Crater

Due to the government shutdown during our visit to Yosemite National Park last week, we decided to head over to Mono Lake and hike the rim of a volcano instead!  Panum Crater, located just off Highway 120 near the South Tufa Area of the Mono Lake Tufa State Reserve, is part of a chain ofContinue reading “Mono Lake: Panum Crater”

Natural Slide: Beautiful View

I can’t imagine a climbing log with a better view! On the Cypress Grove Trail… a 0.75 loop trail, perfect for hiking with kids. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, California Photos taken September 15th, 2013