Seasonal Produce: Greens

Oh, how I love the vegetables and fruits of autumn….  especially vibrant, yummy greens!  I can’t eat them enough! Photos taken September 27th, 2013 Crops of the World UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley

Squirrels: Waiting

These two are such a nuisance.  Now they’ve taken to sitting on the fence, one on each wall, watching me, waiting patiently for me to leave.  I’m sure the second I’m away from the window, they’ll attack the bird feeder. Looks as if I may have to try one or two of these “Tips forContinue reading “Squirrels: Waiting”

Darn! The New Squirrel

We have a new backyard visitor… a young, nimble, ravenous squirrel.  Since this one arrived, we haven’t seen our resident three-legged squirrel.  This one appears to have taken over the territory.  Even worse?  This one is light and agile enough to jump from our barbecue onto the bird feeder!  We’ve moved things around and stumpedContinue reading “Darn! The New Squirrel”

Pattern: For Love of Dirt

Three photos of my son from our walk through the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley last week.  Can you spot the pattern? Yep!  No matter where we go, he’s playing in the dirt. Photos taken May 5th, 2013 *** Weekly Photo Challenge:  Pattern

Silent Saturday: Rose

Photo taken May 8th, 2013 Osage Station Park, Danville Stay tuned!  More roses tomorrow!

Floral Friday: Spring

Photos taken May 5th, 2013 UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley In celebration of National Public Gardens Day Related articles Gorgeous!  Cactus Flowers ( This Friday! National Public Gardens Day (