Photography 101: Home

The challenge?  Share an image that means home. The view from my front yard. Photo taken November 3, 2014 The assignment… Photography 101:  Home

Dublin Hills: June

Photos taken June 2nd, 2013 Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail, Dublin Hills Regional Park

Neighborhood Walk: An Early Summer

Here in California, due to the lack of any spring showers, it’s already feeling like summer.  That means hot weather, dry hills, and, unfortunately, an early fire season.  Here are some images from a walk I took with my son yesterday around our neighborhood in the San Francisco East Bay. Photos taken May 2nd, 2013

Spring: Martin Canyon Creek Trail

Photos taken March 29th, 2013 Martin Canyon Creek Trail, Dublin, California Interested in going?  See this post:  Hiking the Martin Canyon Creek Trail

Dublin Hills: Spring

I enjoyed a lovely hike yesterday morning along the Calaveras Ridge Trail in Dublin Hills Regional Park.  The wildflowers are beginning to bloom, especially the lupine.  A few photos from the hike… Photos taken March 23rd, 2013

From the Window: Hawk

I saw this beautiful hawk land on one of the oak trees behind our home a few days ago.  I frequently see them soaring in the sky or perched on telephone poles, and have even had one attack the birds at our feeder, but I rarely see them land in the trees.  Now, maybe oneContinue reading “From the Window: Hawk”

Play: Alamo Creek Park, Dublin

Love this park!  It has a huge field for play, paths for bike riding, an awesome play structure, and a creek with ducks.  Fun! Photos taken March 7th, 2013

Hike: Calaveras Ridge Trail, Dublin Hills

Saturday morning… a misty, wet hike with friends on the Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail in Dublin Hills Regional Park. Photos taken January 26th, 2013 Dublin Hills Regional Park

Play: Shannon Park, Dublin

Kids thrive when given free playtime outdoors after a day of school… Photos taken January 15th, 2013 Shannon Park, Dublin, California

Neighborhood: Lizard

We enjoyed a walk around our neighborhood yesterday, to look for some “signs of fall” and to collect leaves.  It was another hot day here in the San Francisco East Bay… in the 80’s!  This does not feel like November, but we can’t complain.  The lizards are loving it, too! Also from this walk:  Neighborhood: Continue reading “Neighborhood: Lizard”

Neighborhood: Leaves in Transition

Yesterday, I took a “Signs of Fall Walk” with my 5-year-old son. This is what we found… leaves in transition. Photos taken November 6th, 2012

Cemetery Fun!

The other day, while playing at Dublin’s Heritage Park, my son suggested we head to the attached cemetery (Dublin Pioneer Cemetery) to look for monsters. Why not? We spent the next hour searching for, running away from, and battling monsters. Here’s a post I wrote last spring about letterboxing (treasure hunting) at this cemetery…  Letterboxing: Continue reading “Cemetery Fun!”

Go Climb a Tree

We’re lucky to have a couple parks nearby that have great trees for climbing.  The kids are drawn as much to playing on these trees as to the man-made play structures in the parks.  This one is in Kolb Park in Dublin.  Our other favorite climbing tree is in Shannon Park, also in Dublin. DoContinue reading “Go Climb a Tree”