Yosemite: The Views from Tioga Road

Want to see the beauty of the Yosemite high country, but aren’t much of a hiker?  A drive along Tioga Road will provide an abundance of opportunities to see the beauty of Yosemite. Photos taken July 11th, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Sunset from Juniper Campground, Mount Diablo State Park *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  The Golden Hour *** For more photos of this sunset, see Summer Solstice:  Sunset from Mount Diablo

Floral Friday: Wildflowers, Yosemite

The wildflowers were gorgeous Wednesday on the trail from Tioga Road to Mono Pass in Yosemite.  I’ll write more about the hike itself in a day or two…  it was amazing! Photos taken July 10th, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

My favorite companions?  My husband and son! Hint:  If you ever want to have Glacier Point in Yosemite all to yourself, visit while it’s raining… *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Companionable

This Beautiful World Through His Eyes

I often wonder what he’s thinking… *** WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  The World Through Your Eyes *** You may also enjoy:  The Calming Effect of Nature on Children