Spring in Yosemite

I just realized I haven’t posted here in ages. To get back into it, I’ll begin by sharing posts this week from a few places we’ve visited this past year.

Yosemite Retreat

Do to the events of 2020, we haven’t taken many trips this year, making our time in Yosemite last week feel extra special. Feeling thankful…


As with everyone else these days, I’ve been feeling stressed. The months of pandemic, the wildfire smoke here in California, adjusting to online teaching, political strife, healing from an injury that has kept me from hiking, combined with worries over the health of close family members… I’ve been feeling, well, stressed and overwhelmed. I’m puttingContinue reading “Unwinding…”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Reaching the intended destination of any hike is an achievement.  The best reward?  Gorgeous views all to ourselves. Interested in going?  You’ll find info here…. Yosemite Hikes:  Gaylor Lakes *** The challenge?  Weekly Photo Challenge:  Achievement

Yosemite: The Views from Tioga Road

Want to see the beauty of the Yosemite high country, but aren’t much of a hiker?  A drive along Tioga Road will provide an abundance of opportunities to see the beauty of Yosemite. Photos taken July 11th, 2013

Floral Friday: Wildflowers, Yosemite

The wildflowers were gorgeous Wednesday on the trail from Tioga Road to Mono Pass in Yosemite.  I’ll write more about the hike itself in a day or two…  it was amazing! Photos taken July 10th, 2013

Tunnel View Overlook: Yosemite Valley

Looking for that iconic view of Yosemite Valley?  Head to the Tunnel View Overlook, located on Highway 41, on the Yosemite Valley side of the Wawona Tunnel. Photo taken May 28th, 2013

Campground Critters

Ellery Campground (near Tioga Pass, Yosemite)… We returned last evening from a camping trip in the Sierras.  I’ll write about our adventures soon!

American Robin

We found a ton of these cute little guys hopping around on the forest floor between the Ahwahnee Hotel and Yosemite Village.  My son has been asking about robins a lot lately, as he’s obsessed with Batman and Robin.  We’ve shown him photos of robins, and he was interested, but we were excited to finallyContinue reading “American Robin”

Yosemite Squirrel

This is where a squirrel belongs… out foraging in nature.  He’s beautiful… Unlike this one… out pestering hikers for a free lunch.