Bring on the Butterflies…

After tons of research, I finally decided what to plant in our yard to attract butterflies.  As you may know, we’ve been creating a backyard wildlife habit, following the guidelines set forth by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). My first goal in creating our butterfly garden was to add plants to our yard that willContinue reading “Bring on the Butterflies…”

Solo Hike, Dublin Hills Regional Park

I enjoyed getting out for some much-needed solo-time in nature today.  I didn’t feel like driving anywhere, so I simply hiked into the hills behind our home.  Bliss!  And I had fun playing with my camera… Dublin Hills Regional Park

Turkey on the Fence

At this time of year (Spring), the turkeys are all over around here.  We hear them when we go on hikes, we see them when we’re driving around, and we hear them from our home.  We have one, though, who visits us each day.  She jumps (can we call it flying?) up onto our backyardContinue reading “Turkey on the Fence”

Outside Play, Every Day

Getting outside every day is a necessity for me, both for my physical and emotional health. I begin to feel a little, well, off when I’ve been inside too long, and I’ve noticed my son is the same way. I can get sucked into staying in the house as easily as the next mom, lettingContinue reading “Outside Play, Every Day”