American Robin

We found a ton of these cute little guys hopping around on the forest floor between the Ahwahnee Hotel and Yosemite Village.  My son has been asking about robins a lot lately, as he’s obsessed with Batman and Robin.  We’ve shown him photos of robins, and he was interested, but we were excited to finallyContinue reading “American Robin”

Yosemite Squirrel

This is where a squirrel belongs… out foraging in nature.  He’s beautiful… Unlike this one… out pestering hikers for a free lunch.

The California Towhee

The California Towhee family has been hanging out in our backyard for months and months, but I’ve been struggling to capture a photograph of the little guys.  They like to hop around on the ground, eating the seeds the other birds have knocked out of the feeder.  This is also the bird who ate allContinue reading “The California Towhee”

A Saturday Morning

My mom’s birthday was this week, and this is for her.  Happy 81st, Mom! Happy Saturday to everyone else!

Search for Snails

A favorite rainy day activity… head outside to look for snails!  My son calls them his “snail buddies”. What we found yesterday during a rare June rain shower….

Farewell, Turkeys!

It’s been more than a week since we’ve seen our resident turkeys.  I don’t know where they go over the summer, but I know they’ll return in the fall!  They always do. A pair, on the hill… The one who visits us on our fence each day in the spring and fall… My son andContinue reading “Farewell, Turkeys!”

The Baby Deer

We have a new favorite animal to watch from the dining room table while eating our breakfast… a baby deer who walks across the hill at least once a day with his mom. My son loves the big nose! Related articles Backyard Wildlife… Baby Jay (

Backyard Wildlife… Baby Jay

The baby scrub jay is leaving the nest more frequently, testing his wings… so cute.  Every time the baby “screeches” for food, he puffs up and flaps his wings. And here’s mom (or dad)… Related articles Backyard Wildlife… Scrub Jay ( Bring Wildlife to Your Home – Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat (

The Little Brown Bird

This little bird is my son’s favorite visitor.  He says the bird has “cool creature powers,” as the bird can jump along vertically up our back fence.  I believe this is an oak titmouse.  All I know is it’s cute, and my son loves it. Also, I’m looking for some suggestions.  For bird identification, I’mContinue reading “The Little Brown Bird”