Outdoor Fun: Read a Book

The pleasure of a new book from the library… Book Bench, Dublin Library Photo taken February 26th, 2013

Take Reading Time Outside

Today is Read Across America Day, and the forecast is for sunshine throughout the Bay Area.  We’re going to celebrate by taking reading time outside today.  Join us!  Pick a favorite book or two, find a sunny, warm location, and, well, simply read to your child.  Not sure where to go?  Here are a fewContinue reading “Take Reading Time Outside”

Outside Play, Every Day

Getting outside every day is a necessity for me, both for my physical and emotional health.  I begin to feel a  little, well, off when I’ve been inside too long, and I’ve noticed my son is the same way.  I can get sucked into staying in the house as easily as the next mom, lettingContinue reading “Outside Play, Every Day”