Weekend: Into the Forest

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It was gorgeous here in the San Francisco Bay Area… perfect for a bike ride in the redwoods! Photo taken April 27th, 2013 Redwood Regional Park

Outdoor Fun: Read a Book

The pleasure of a new book from the library… Book Bench, Dublin Library Photo taken February 26th, 2013

Play: Shannon Park, Dublin

Kids thrive when given free playtime outdoors after a day of school… Photos taken January 15th, 2013 Shannon Park, Dublin, California

He Rides, I Run

I started running three years ago in order to keep up with my son.  I wish I were faster!! How do you keep up with your kids? Photo taken January 2nd, 2013 Redwood Regional Park

Burning holiday energy…

Oh, my, is my five-year-old excited about Christmas tomorrow.  He can’t sit still, and he’s been acting super whacky.  It’s been raining and cold here in the Bay Area for days, and our outdoor adventures have been limited this past week because I’ve been sick (I still have a horrible cough).  Between his cabin feverContinue reading “Burning holiday energy…”

Too hot…

We met friends this afternoon for playtime at Alamo Creek Park in Dublin, but it was way too hot to play (over 100F).  My son started off enthusiastically, but quickly wilted.  The ducks had the right idea. But we won’t complain.  It’s supposed to cool down into the 70’s by Thursday.  How’d we manage theContinue reading “Too hot…”

Go Climb a Tree

We’re lucky to have a couple parks nearby that have great trees for climbing.  The kids are drawn as much to playing on these trees as to the man-made play structures in the parks.  This one is in Kolb Park in Dublin.  Our other favorite climbing tree is in Shannon Park, also in Dublin. DoContinue reading “Go Climb a Tree”

Climbing the Wall…

An awesome way to burn some kid energy is to head out for some  rock climbing… park style. For a list of our favorite parks in the San Francisco East Bay with fun rock wall features, see my post… Outdoor Climbing Walls. Photos taken at Val Vista Park, Pleasanton.

Simple Outdoor Play: Frisbee!

Frisbee…  such an inexpensive, simple game, and so easy to play anywhere!  Fun!! Photos taken at Drakes Beach, July 26th, 2012, Point Reyes National Seashore

Hide and Seek!

What child could resist playing hide and seek in this redwood forest? Can you find them? At Roberts Regional Park, Oakland… http://www.ebparks.org/parks/roberts. *** You may also enjoy…  Nature Play, Roberts Regional Park, Oakland (anaturemom.com)