Finch Fun

Yesterday morning, my son was quietly building with his Lincoln Logs when he happily exclaimed, “Look, Mommy, a goldfinch!  There’s a goldfinch at the feeder!”  Now I had to run to the window to check it out, because I honestly can’t remember ever having any yellow birds in our backyard.  My son was correct.  TwoContinue reading “Finch Fun”

Make Paper Airplanes!

I found a fun website that offers a bunch of different paper airplane designs available for free download (   The site offers fifteen different designs, rated by difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, novelty).  Each design provides a template (ready for folding, and cutting, if necessary) and directions.  We decided to try out the “Condor”, aContinue reading “Make Paper Airplanes!”

Swim in a Lake!

The weather is heating up here in the San Francisco East Bay.  Take a break from the local swimming pool, and cool off in a nearby lake instead. Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore has two swimming areas, East Beach and West Beach.  Swimming is free, but there is a $6.00/vehicle park entry fee. IsContinue reading “Swim in a Lake!”

Create-With-Nature Pathway

While visiting Redwood Regional Park in Oakland yesterday morning, I made a fun discovery. We were meeting friends for some nature playtime, and they were running a half hour late.  While waiting, my son was having fun riding his bike up and down the paved path while I was strolling along behind him, enjoying thisContinue reading “Create-With-Nature Pathway”

Hide and Seek!

What child could resist playing hide and seek in this redwood forest? Can you find them? At Roberts Regional Park, Oakland… *** You may also enjoy…  Nature Play, Roberts Regional Park, Oakland (