Solo Time

As much as I love my family and friends, sometimes I need to get out into nature for a little alone time.  Today my husband suggested he take our son to a friend’s sixth birthday party, so that I could go out for a hike.  Hm… birthday party with ten or more kids, spun outContinue reading “Solo Time”

Stop, Look, Listen, Observe

This afternoon we attended a family nature walk, a free naturalist-led event held in the Tilden Nature Area in the Berkeley hills. I couldn’t resist the event description… “Natural beauty, strange creatures and curious plants reveal themselves to those who seek such wonders.” We walked for two hours, slowly ambling along, observing the little thingsContinue reading “Stop, Look, Listen, Observe”


“Everyone needs to have some downtime in a quiet place where they’re not interrupted – even kids.  Or especially kids.  It’s healthy to provide your child with her own space to simply reflect, think, imagine, wonder, and be alone.  Quiet time, without television, video games, or other stimulation, promotes thinking and relaxation, and it allowsContinue reading “Downtime”

Outside Play, Every Day

Getting outside every day is a necessity for me, both for my physical and emotional health.  I begin to feel a  little, well, off when I’ve been inside too long, and I’ve noticed my son is the same way.  I can get sucked into staying in the house as easily as the next mom, lettingContinue reading “Outside Play, Every Day”