Autumn Walk: Acorns

Looking for sings of fall just outside of Yosemite this past weekend…  my son was fixated on acorns.

Pattern: For Love of Dirt

Three photos of my son from our walk through the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley last week.  Can you spot the pattern? Yep!  No matter where we go, he’s playing in the dirt. Photos taken May 5th, 2013 *** Weekly Photo Challenge:  Pattern

Neighborhood: Lizard

We enjoyed a walk around our neighborhood yesterday, to look for some “signs of fall” and to collect leaves.  It was another hot day here in the San Francisco East Bay… in the 80’s!  This does not feel like November, but we can’t complain.  The lizards are loving it, too! Also from this walk:  Neighborhood: Continue reading “Neighborhood: Lizard”

Going on a Bug Hunt

While my husband was warming up for his bike race on Saturday (see post here… Cyclo-Cross, Monterey Style), my son recommended we follow one of the nearby trails and go bug hunting.  Excellent idea!  We keep exploration tools (bug viewer, magnifying glass) with us at all times, so we’re ready to go whenever inspiration strikes.Continue reading “Going on a Bug Hunt”

First Signs of Fall

Yesterday, I wrote about taking your child out on walk to look for signs of Autumn (Take a “Signs of Fall” Walk).  I didn’t feel the seasons changing yet as I wrote the post, but decided to head out for a walk around our neighborhood with my 5-year-old after I wrote the article.  Here’s whatContinue reading “First Signs of Fall”

Search for Snails

A favorite rainy day activity… head outside to look for snails!  My son calls them his “snail buddies”. What we found yesterday during a rare June rain shower….

Look for Lizards

As the weather has been warming up, we’ve been seeing more and more lizards on our walks.  I believe these little guys (they are about 3-5 inches long) are Western Fence Lizards.  We have them all over the place here in the East Bay. Maybe your child(ren) would like to go on a walk toContinue reading “Look for Lizards”