Freewriting Fun: Take it Outside

Walking and writing… this is our writing focus this week.  We’ve been experiencing beautiful, warm fall weather, an ideal time to head outdoors for some writing.

The assignment?  The daily focus may vary, but every day, my son is to take a walk and then complete a 10-20 minute freewrite about the experience.

What is freewriting?

From Julie Bogart’s The Writer’s Jungle: “Freewriting is the act of keeping your pencil moving on a blank page of paper for a predetermined amount of time. The results of contents are unimportant to success. The most important part of the process is allowing for chaos, musings, incomplete thoughts and ideas to bubble up from within – uninhibited by a torturous assignment.”

I’ll keep my son’s work private, but here are some images from two of our writing themes this week…

A Color Walk Freewrite

We took a 45-minute walk through our neighborhood to our local nature trail. My son’s task? Choose a color and look for this color during our walk. Then, after returning home, spend twenty minutes freewriting about the experience.

His color? Red…

New Experience Freewrite

The goal here is to take yourself outside of your usual writing environment and try a new location.  For this assignment, we walked to our town’s historic cemetery. First we walked around the cemetery reading about the families who founded our town. My son found a bench, and then his task was to write about the experience, freewriting for twenty minutes.

Bonus? Today is Halloween! This is a fun Halloween or Day of the Dead writing assignment!

For more information about freewriting, check out this page on the Brave Writer website…  Freewriting.

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