Swarm: Ladybug Clusters

It’s that time of year, when the ladybugs return to Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California.  I haven’t hiked out to see them yet this season, but I’ve heard from others that the clusters are back (I’ll head out next week to see for myself and take more photos).  Until then, here are a two photos I took a couple years ago (previously published)…

Redwood Ladybugs 003Redwood Ladybugs 020Interested in going?  Check out this post with information about where and how to find them… Ladybug Clusters:  Redwood Regional Park


The challenge?  WordPress Photography 101:  Swarm


  1. In the corner of my bedroom in Maine one fall, about 100 ladybugs suddenly appeared one day. They spent the winter there, then in the spring they simply disappeared. I have no idea how they got in, or out for that matter, but it was nice to have them there.


    1. What an awesome gift from nature!! And those ladybugs were lucky to find you as a roommate for that winter. I’m sure they couldn’t have found a more warm, welcoming home to visit.


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