Happy Holidays!

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Instead of writing about our outdoor activities this month, I’ve been focusing on simply being present to the moment, soaking up the warmth of the season, despite the cold we experienced earlier in the month.  If you don’t hear from me much in the next few weeks, simply know I’m out there, enjoying nature and the outdoors with my family and friends.  For now, I leave you with this…  a few photos from our recent outing to the local Christmas tree farm to find our lovely tree for the year, plus a couple photos of the end result.  Happy holidays!







Photos taken December, 2013


  1. Day 1: Drakes beach and it was a gorgeous day and saw two elk families and walked down the beach.
    Day 2: Tilden regional park and went on the train, and hiked around the lake. it was wow.
    More to come


  2. HI Linda, Being present in the moment and enjoying that is a project too !! We are headed to Tilden next weekend and we have ten days and my goal is ten regional parks in ten days… yoohooo!!


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