1. Makes me wonder: how exactly do you pick corn for making popcorn? In here, you either get fresh corn and grill it, or “ready to pop” kernels in a bag. Probably a cultural thing, I guess…


    1. My understanding is that it’s a specific type of corn, perfect for popping. The cobs aren’t picked from the plant until they are already dried out.

      Then, to make pop corn, you simply put the whole cob into a paper bag and pop in the microwave as usual. The kernals pop right off into delicious popcorn.


  2. oh my gosh, beautiful photos. We usually get some nice popping corn in my csa, and I’m anxiously awaiting it this year…but we have never been able to pick our own. Would love that….so much fun!


    1. Ardenwood has been our sole source for popping corn for the past few years. The rangers hand out a cob to the kids after they attend classes there, and we stock up during this festival. So fun! I’ve looked, but I haven’t found popping corn on the cob at the store, and our CSA box hasn’t had it, either.


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