1. Such fun! Our kids and now grandkids call them “bombs” because our huge oak in the backyard drops thousands of them this time of year. You can’t walk outside without being on attack! πŸ™‚ It’s good to see Yosemite. I’ve been a little worried about her lately.


    1. Too funny! I’ve found that some years, the oaks around our home seem to have more acorns than others. We, too, have been bombarded with acorn parts as squirrels above drop them on us. I swear they aim for people walking below!


    2. Oh, and yes, Yosemite has had a tough year… we drove through the burn area on our way home (HW120). Wow, we knew how large the area burned was, but it’s different to actually see the devistation.


  2. : Ah, yes, acorns….Yesterday, my family attacked me with acorn as we walked back from the park. They hurt, lol, but I got away fast.


  3. I have been gathering acorns from my favoured oak tree and planting them around Colchester, perhaps some new trees will grow from them.


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