DVD Review: Tell It on the Mountain, Tales from the Pacific Crest Trail

IMG_0504I have to admit, I don’t watch TV.  And I haven’t seen many movies in the past several years.  I do, on occasion, watch PBS specials and documentaries.  I was thrilled, however, when I was offered the opportunity to review the documentary, Tell It on the Mountain:  Tales from the Pacific Crest Trail. I received the DVD in the mail several weeks ago, but only yesterday found the time to sit down and watch it.  All I can say right now is, “wow”.

I’ve hiked sections of the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) in Yosemite and elsewhere in the Sierra Nevada’s, and have met people on the trail who were in the process of hiking the entire length of the trail.  I thought that was cool, but I never really gave much thought into how huge of an endeavor that was.  The trail, which is 2,663 miles long, extends all the way from the Mexican border in California up through Oregon, all the way to the Canadian border in Washington. More than 300 people come from all over the world each year to make the attempt to hike the trail from beginning to end.

Go Tell it on the Mountain follows seven thru-hikers (the term for those who hike the entire trail in one long stretch) on their quest to hike the trail in one season.  For some it isn’t the first time, for others it is.  Some hike solo, others with a partner.  It takes more than five months of daily hiking, at an average of 20 miles per day, to complete the journey.  In following these seven individuals on their quest, we learn the different reasons people attempt such a feat, what they need to carry in their packs, about their strategy, and how they overcome challenges.  And the challenges are many… extreme heat, swollen feet, blisters, fears, long stretches without water, sickness, injury, hygiene issues, ice, snow, freezing temperatures, exhaustion, and oh so much more.

What a great movie!  For anyone interested in hiking and the outdoors, or for those who are inspired to go after their dreams by watching others accomplish theirs, I suggest you watch this DVD.  The photography is beautiful, and I enjoyed the intimacy shared by these individuals on their journey.  I thank them for opening themselves up throughout their adventure to provide us with a glimpse of what such an endeavor entails, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Interested in watching?  You can download or purchase the DVD here… tellitonthemountain.com/buy/.  Enjoy!


Note:  I was given a complementary copy of the DVD for review, but the opinions provided are entirely my own.


  1. As a native Californian I should have known about the PCT, but didn’t until I met a woman who was waiting to meet up with her brother who was hiking it on his summer break. I’ll find Tell it on the Mountain and share it with my kids who love to hike.


  2. What a great recommendation! I would enjoy this, I’m sure, even if I don’t have the opportunity to hike the trail. Sometimes I just enjoy knowing about such wonderfully beautiful and serene places. 🙂


    1. I’m sure you would enjoy it! The majority of the film takes focuses on the California section of the trail (through the desert in Southern California and then through the Sierra Nevada Mountains). It’s lovely!


    1. I love this type of story, too, be it hiking the Appalachian trail, running barefoot in Mexico, or completing the Iditarod. These are things I’ll never do (and have no desire to do), but I love to see others fulfill their dreams of adventure!


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