Climb on a Giant Tree! San Mateo Memorial Park

How often do kids get to climb on a really, really large tree?




You’ll find the “largest tree” on the Sequoia Trail (at less than a mile long, the trail is perfect for young kids).  The trailhead is in the Tan Oak Picnic Area.  See trail description and hiking map here.. Sequoia Trail.  Note that the “largest tree” is the largest in the park, not anywhere.  You’ll find much, much taller redwoods further up the coast in Northern California.  And you’ll find much, much larger redwoods up in the Sierras.

Interested in going?  This is an incredible place to take kids for some fun nature playtime.  Kids can check out huge, ancient, living trees (as they are above), or climb on some giants that have fallen down.  One of the downed trees has been made into a tunnel that kids can climb through.  So cool!  Plus, in summer, there’s a spot in the Pescadero Creek that becomes a natural pool for swimming.  The park is about a ten minute drive up Pescadero Creek Road from the town of Pescadero.  For specific details about the park and how to get there, visit the San Mateo County website… Memorial Park.

I’ve also written about camping here.  At the time, I had only camped in the group site, but earlier this week, we camped here again.   This time we stayed in the Azalea Flat family area.  We loved it!  For information about camping in the park, see my post… Camping:  San Mateo Memorial Park.

Want to learn a little about these giant trees?  See my post here… A Masterpiece of Nature:  The California Redwood.


  1. this place was soooo amazing!!! and you’re totally right – everywhere else i’m telling them, “don’t touch.” but here they were actually able to climb around on them.



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