Organic Olallieberry U-Pick: Swanton Berry Farm, Pescadero

In addition to offering an organic strawberry u-pick, Swanton Berry Farms also grows fields of olallieberries and blackberries.  During our visit to the Pescadero area last week, we incorporated a bit of organic olallieberry picking.

Curious what an olallieberry is?  It’s kind of like a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry, but not quite (it’s truly a cross between a loganberry and a youngberry).  Ripe olallieberies look like ripe blackberries.  And they taste kind of like blackberries, but a lot more tart.  I think they’re best in pie, and the place that makes the best olallieberry pie is Duarte’s Tavern in Pescadero.

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Interested in going?  The olallieberries are usually ready for picking beginning in mid-June, but this may vary a bit each year.  Check the Swanton Berry Farms website for current picking dates, hours, and location…. U-Pick.  For the 2013 season, the fields, located just south of Ano Nuevo State Park, were opened on June 15th.  Current picking hours are Friday-Sunday, 10:00am-6:00pm.  Prices are $5.00/lb.  Prefer blackberries?  They’ll be ready for picking in late-July.

Looking for an organic strawberry u-pick farm?  See my post from yesterday… Organic Strawberry Picking:  Swanton Berry Farm, Davenport

Or perhaps you’d like to try some award-winning goat cheese, also in the Pescadero area?  See this post… Goats!  Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Pescadero


  1. My nephew just went there and brought so much fruit back. My daughter LOVED the ollalieberry!


  2. Alex Jones says:

    All your fruits seem so advanced. In Colchester no fruits are ready and I fear some may fail now.


    1. Yes, crops are off this year around here, too. While you, I believe, had excess rains this year, we’re suffering from extreme dryness. The heat right now is unbearable.


      1. Alex Jones says:

        The warm days are so few, it is a muted wet and coldish Summer here in the UK.


        1. I would take wet and coldish over this miserable, intolerable heat any day. 🙂


          1. Alex Jones says:

            Swap places for a day? 🙂


  3. This would be so fun! I need to put this on my “to do” list for sometime in the future. We bought olallieberry pies in Cambria a couple of weeks ago. I never ended up having one of the pieces, but they sure did look good to me! 🙂


    1. If you’re ever in the Half Moon Bay / Pescadero area at this time of year, I highly recommend it!


  4. I really enjoy all kinds of berries, but I have never had this one. Sounds divine!


    1. I’d never heard of an olallieberry before living in Monterey (there are a few pick-your-own fields near there, in the Watsonville area).


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