Organic Strawberry U-Pick: Swanton Berry Farm, Davenport

Gotta love freshly picked organic strawberries!!  And it’s all the more fun when we pick the berries ourselves.  Strawberry picking at Swanton Berry Farm has become a beloved June tradition for us.

Butano Camp Trip 025

Butano Camp Trip 037

Interested in going?  The actual picking season (and location) varies slightly each year, so check the Swanton Berry Farm website for current details… U-Pick.  This year (2013), the strawberry u-pick is located at the Farm Stand U-Pick in Davenport, with picking hours daily between 8:00am and 8:00pm.  Prices?  A deal, at $2.50/lb.

Check in again tomorrow… I’ll post about our visit to the olallieberry picking farm!

You may also enjoy seeing our visit from last year… Strawberry Picking Fun!  Swanton Berry Farm U-Pik


  1. elPadawan says:

    Nice :). Although it is even better if you can grow your own 😉


  2. mmtread says:

    One of my fondest childhood memories is of going to pick-your-own places in NH and, in addition to picking about 30 pounds of berries, simply gorging ourselves on the super-sweet, flavorful berries right then and there. Supermarket berries are like a photo negative of the real thing. We’d go home and brew up a massive batch of strawberry jam, enough to get us through the winter. Then we’d make strawberry-rhubarb pies, strawberry shortcake, strawberry this and that until our very skin smelled of strawberries. I miss that. I hope to find it again, and acquaint our boys with the intense pleasure of picking your own.


    1. I didn’t have the pick-your-own experience as a child. Or perhaps, having a large backyard with fruit trees and a giant vegetable garden, it just wasn’t necessary to go to a special farm for the occasion. I was simply able to head into the yard for fresh picked anything. Now, living in a townhouse in the suburbs, I do have to find u-pick farms for my son to enjoy the experience (there are quite a few u-pick farms around the Bay Area, but very few that are organic). From our annual berry-picking adventures, I can already tell he’s forming the memories, as you have from your childhood.


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