1. AMERICAN MALE says:

    SF is amazing! like driving up into the mountains into the red woods after crossing the bridge. The little resort by the coast guard bases is pretty cool too.


    1. Yes, after living here for ten years, I’m still continually amazed at all the cool things to do and beautiful places to see around the Bay Area. It’ll take a lifetime to explore it all!


  2. opreach says:

    Chrissy Field one of my favorite places! Thank you.


  3. Debalina says:

    Gorgeous! We went to Stinson Beach on Friday and stayed overnight at Mill Valley. Just returned home. It was beautiful. This pic is motivating me to take my kids to Crissy Field for a bike ride.


    1. We love Stinson Beach. πŸ™‚ Have fun riding bikes at Crissy Field!


  4. Jane Lurie says:

    Beautiful day in SF!


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