Geology for Kids: Crystal Mining Excavation Kit

My son recently received the 4M Kidz Labs Crystal Mining science kit for his birthday.  He LOVES these excavation kits (see this post about a similar kit, also made by 4M.. Paleontology Play:  Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kit – Velociraptor).

My son is super into rocks and minerals these days, so this was a timely gift.  The kit comes with eight different kinds of crystals, hidden inside a block of plaster.  Also included are the necessary excavation tools… a specially designed digging tool and a brush.  After the crystals have all been found and dug out of the plaster, the kit includes a small magnifying glass to examine the rocks with and two means for storage… a “My Crystal Collection” display case and a drawstring bag.  Also included are activities to help the child learn about crystals.

Super fun!

Crystal Excavation Kit 004

Crystal Excavation Kit 011

Crystal Excavation Kit 010

Crystal Excavation Kit 006

Photos taken June 5th, 2013


  1. My son enjoys the dinosaur bone excavation kits that are similar to this. I hadn’t thought about looking for kits with cool stones in them! Thanks for the idea!


    1. You’re welcome. My son loves those dinosaur excavation kits, too. Probably the next one we’ll get is an archaeology one… an Egyptian dig. Fun!


  2. This is a really cool gift–and project! I’m glad you shared about it with the detailed photos. It looks to me like it takes a little careful time and thought to get to the stones. I like that it is designed to really give a child a bit of experience, not just something to easily “open” and move on! A real treasure!


    1. Oh, he had to do some serious scraping and digging to get to the stones, but he loves this stuff! I highly recommend the dinosaur excavation kits also produced by this company. They’re perfect for any budding paleontologist.


  3. Alex Jones says:

    It is good to see that the providers of kits for children are making such things.


    1. There are so many great science kits out there, it’s hard to pick and choose!


  4. Jodi says:

    That looks like an awesome kit for a kid, maybe I should go find it for my iPod obsessed youngster!


  5. Beautiful! One of my passion are semi-precious stone and I have written a few weeks ago a poem on these stones with a selection of mine I took photos of… Will post it one of these days.
    Your son is lucky to have such a good, caring mom!


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