Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

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Oh, how I wish I could hold onto these moments.  Last days of kindergarten… a school trip to the beach…

School Camp Trip 071

Photo taken June 7th, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Fleeting


  1. These wonderful childhood moments really are so fleeting… I’ve been clearing out my loft and found my sons dressing up clothes… they got really excited and promptly put on all the head gear and anything else they could fit into! (They are 17 & 15!) It was such a wonderful trip down memory lane and lovely to see them having fun with it all again! 🙂


    1. What fun! Yes, I can imagine it’ll be tough to part with those dress up clothes when he’s outgrown them, with so many cute memories attached to them. I’ll probably keep them, and I’m sure my son, too, will see them one day as a teen and bring back his fond childhood memories.


      1. You’d be surprised how much of their stuff they wanted to keep, including bags full of cuddly toys… all went back up in the loft! I think it’s quite nice though that they still want them 🙂


  2. Sadly time never stand still, one can only share the moments as they come. In the present everything is real and alive.


  3. We had the same thought for our entry, but my baby has just gone off to college. You are twice blessed–once because you are, and twice because you know. A beautiful photo, and I love your words.


    1. As I’m in my mid-forties, I have friends with children going off to college. It’s a tough transition for the parents. Bittersweet. And I’ve seen how quickly those kids grew up. I can’t even begin to process that moment… seeing my child go off on his own into the world. Yet I know when it happens, it will feel as if his growth passed by in the blink of an eye. Darn.. I get weepy now just thinking about it.


  4. Beautiful photo – and I certainly understand the sentiment. The time goes by so quickly, now my grandchildren are going through these stages of life – hard to imagine, but oh so special. Hold on tight to every moment!


    1. Thank you. And I do so try to hold on tight to every moment. Yet they slip by so quickly! I’ve found taking lots of photos helps. I can imagine, in a way, it may be even more precious as a grandparent. The aging of our children is a constant reminder of our own limited time on this earth.


  5. So special… Year One is a ‘new era’ at school. What a wonderful end of year trip for the children. Just lovely. Makes me realise how I miss the beach whilst being in central Canada at present!


      1. I know. My youngest is starting first grade this fall and it is all day. It is going to be a huge adjustment after nine years having kids all around me all day. I am going to be so sad…


  6. Beautiful. The photograph first shocked me because they look like slides from my own childhood either in Maine or Cape Cod. Thank you for sharing. You gave me a small gift of a memory I had tucked away in a corner of my brain. ~amy


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