Fun with Magnets: Geomag

We’ve used some fun magnet science kits in the past, but the way my son likes to play with magnets best is through building toys.  We have three different kinds… Magna-Tiles, Magformers, and Geomag. I credit my son’s strong understanding of geometric shapes to playing with these magnetic toys.

Geomag building kits come with magnetic rods and steel balls that can be combined to build anything from simple 3D geometric shapes to amazing buildings.  I’m always fascinated with what my son comes up with.  We’ve had a basic set for over a year now, but just recently added a new dimension… a set with plastic panels.

Super fun for my little engineer!

Geomag 001

Geomag 004

Photos taken May 23rd, 2013


  1. LB says:

    Not only did I give my son Geomags for Christmas, I also gave them to my father! We all played with them for hours.


    1. Fun! I enjoy playing with them, too. 🙂


  2. Excelentes fotos. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. Your little one is having loads of fun!


  4. Coral Swan says:

    My Year 1 children loved Geomag – and came up with amazing constructions… so creative and huge fun for the builders. they loved lego, too!


  5. elPadawan says:

    I loved playing with Lego, as a kid 🙂


    1. Lego is his absolute favorite building toy. But he’ll build with anything!


  6. mmtread says:

    We’ve bought Geomag occasionally, and although D enjoys them to a certain extent, they’ve never been a hit. Clearly his mom wants him to develop a love for them, because she keeps getting them for him, but they’ve just never clicked. What he loves is all things Lego, particularly Hero Factory. Now that he knows how to use the computer, when he gets up at 5:30 in the morning (and we want to sleep another hour), he gets online and pores over (I kid you not) building instructions.
    He’s also found the YouTube channel of one LegoJang, whose manicured hands (you never see his face) spend most of their time assembling Hero Factory creations. D comes up with some incredible creations of his own, so I’m perfectly happy to indulge this particular obsession.


    1. Hands down, Lego is the number one building toy in our home. Does anywhere near you offer Lego engineering courses? My son loves them! But of course, he loves any Lego set he can get his hands on. Ninjago is his current fav, though he’d be stoked to have some Hero Factory guys! For a couple hours every day, my son simply builds. With anything. Magnetic building toys, Rokenbok’s, Zoobs, Lincoln Logs… really, anything!

      Have you moved to Spain yet?


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