Osage Station Park: Roses and Running

Over the past several years, I’ve tried running at just about every park in the Pleasanton through Danville area, searching for ones with trails both long enough for a nice-length run and shady enough to provide protection from our blaring summer heat.  I’ve decided my favorite is Osage Station Park in Danville.  The trail looping around the park is about 3/4 miles long, perfect for my needs.  Four laps just about makes my normal 3-mile-run distance.  Osage is one of the older parks in the region, with beautiful tall trees covering much of the path.  Something that’s been important for me over the past few years, this park has an amazing play structure, making this the perfect park for a parent who wants to combine a stroller-run with some play-time for the kids.  And, lastly, the rose gardens spread throughout the park are incredible.


After spending the last two weeks recovering from a calf injury, I felt ready this week to join friends on our weekly run.  The leg felt great, but I decided to take it easy and only run one lap around the park.  My goal is to gradually increase with each run over the next few weeks, so I’ll be ready to go, injury-free, for the June 8th See Jane Run Alameda 5K.  While my friends continued their run, I got out my camera and went crazy taking photos of roses.  Happy Mother’s Day today to all the moms out there!


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