Connecting Kids With Nature: How Grandparents Can Help

Are you a grandparent who would like to help connect your grandchild(ren) with the natural world?  Check out these great tips from Richard Louv…  Grand Ideas!  21 Great Ways Grandparents and Grandfriends Can Connect Kids to Nature.  What wonderful ways to bond!

My dad and my son, then three, gardening together (Tip #9:  Create a Grand Garden)…



    1. You are so fortunate for your children to have so many greats and grands around!! My parents had me late, and I had my son late, so we’ve missed out on much of the influence the older generation can provide. I’m so thankful for the time my dad has to spend outdoors with my son. It’s precious. 🙂


  1. This is a delightful post, and I love seeing a photo of your dad with his special boy! What a precious photo and great smiles! Thanks for the link to the list. You know this is important to me, and as the girls get older and have more activities I don’t have quite a much time just to take long, long walks and explore like we once did. I need to be more strategic with my time. But the idea of introducing and connecting them to nature is so important to me. 🙂


    1. Yes, I, too, find it harder to find the quality time now that my son is in school. All the more important for us to make it a priority. If we don’t connect our kids to nature, who will??


  2. Thanks for this. I must admit I am lucky in that my kids visit my parents farm for a couple of weeks every summer. They get to collect chicken eggs, feed goats, ride tractors and most importantly play in the dirt! (Boys, right!) Im going to check out the book though to see what I can do, even if Im not a grandparent. 🙂


    1. Lucky kids, and so great for your parents to have so much time with them! I love both of Louv’s books… The Nature Principle (about the importance of nature for adults) and Last Child in the Woods (the necessity of it for kids).


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