Neighborhood Walk: An Early Summer

Here in California, due to the lack of any spring showers, it’s already feeling like summer.  That means hot weather, dry hills, and, unfortunately, an early fire season.  Here are some images from a walk I took with my son yesterday around our neighborhood in the San Francisco East Bay.

Neighborhood 004

Neighborhood 007

Neighborhood 019

Neighborhood 005

Photos taken May 2nd, 2013


  1. JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing says:

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  2. This heat is something else, isn’t it? And fire season isn’t supposed to begin in May! What is that interesting bird, Linda? A pheasant? Whatever it is I am surprised to see it! Beautiful photos.


    1. Yes, we shouldn’t be seeing fires like these until July or August! It frightens me…

      The bird is a turkey. The tall grasses make her look small. 🙂


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