Fun with Magnets: Geomag

We’ve used some fun magnet science kits in the past, but the way my son likes to play with magnets best is through building toys.  We have three different kinds… Magna-Tiles, Magformers, and Geomag. I credit my son’s strong understanding of geometric shapes to playing with these magnetic toys. Geomag building kits come with magneticContinue reading “Fun with Magnets: Geomag”

It’s That Time! Water Play!

Photo taken May 22nd, 2013 Central Park, San Ramon For more parks in the area with water features, see…  Ten Fun East Bay Parks with Free Water Play Structures

Darn! The New Squirrel

We have a new backyard visitor… a young, nimble, ravenous squirrel.  Since this one arrived, we haven’t seen our resident three-legged squirrel.  This one appears to have taken over the territory.  Even worse?  This one is light and agile enough to jump from our barbecue onto the bird feeder!  We’ve moved things around and stumpedContinue reading “Darn! The New Squirrel”

So fast!

This is the reason I started running four years ago….

Pattern: For Love of Dirt

Three photos of my son from our walk through the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley last week.  Can you spot the pattern? Yep!  No matter where we go, he’s playing in the dirt. Photos taken May 5th, 2013 *** Weekly Photo Challenge:  Pattern

Silent Saturday: Rose

Photo taken May 8th, 2013 Osage Station Park, Danville Stay tuned!  More roses tomorrow!

Floral Friday: Spring

Photos taken May 5th, 2013 UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley In celebration of National Public Gardens Day Related articles Gorgeous!  Cactus Flowers ( This Friday! National Public Gardens Day (

Gorgeous! Cactus Flowers

The cacti in the the New World Desert Collection of the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley are in stunning bloom.  How have I missed this in past years?  The flowers are gorgeous!  All these photos were taken during my visit on Sunday, May 5th, 2013.  If you live in the San Francisco area, I recommendContinue reading “Gorgeous! Cactus Flowers”

This Friday! National Public Gardens Day

This Friday, May 10th, is National Public Gardens Day.  To celebrate the event, Better Homes and Gardens magazine is offering readers a free admission coupon for two to visit participating public gardens, arboretums, and green spaces on this day.  Head on over to the Better Homes and Gardens National Public Gardens Day page… Continue reading “This Friday! National Public Gardens Day”