Milkweed: Caterpillar

It this actually a caterpillar crawling up the stem of a milkweed I planted in our backyard?  It’s only about a half a centimeter long.  But is it a butterfly or a moth?  We planted the milkweeds to attract butterflies…. Photos taken April 11th, 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color (Purple)

Weekly Photo Challenge:  Color.  Take two… this time with a focus on purple. Photos taken April 5th, 2013, Blake Garden, Kensington, California Related articles Play! Blake Garden ( Weekly Photo Challenge:  Color ( Silent Saturday:  Blake Garden (

Play! Blake Garden

Blake Garden in Kensington may be the best botanic garden in the Bay Area for nature play.  A favorite feature for my son is the Create-with-Nature Zone, which is stocked with sticks, rocks, flowers, and other nature items for kids to play and build with.  The second best feature here is the bamboo tunnel sculpture. Continue reading “Play! Blake Garden”

Play: Lawrence Hall of Science

No visit to the Lawrence Hall of Science is complete without a bit of playtime on the massive DNA Sculpture and on Pheena, the life-size model of a fin whale. Photos taken April 2nd, 2013 Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, California

Redwood: Kid Bike Ride

A few days ago, we went to Redwood Regional Park for a bike ride with friends from our Nature Time! playgroup.  Super fun! Photos taken March 30th, 2013 Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, California

Spring: Martin Canyon Creek Trail

Photos taken March 29th, 2013 Martin Canyon Creek Trail, Dublin, California Interested in going?  See this post:  Hiking the Martin Canyon Creek Trail