Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration: Beach Labyrinth

Photos of the labyrinth created in the sand, from the Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration, 2013, at Stinson Beach, California.  Usually, these are made for meditation, but that’s not how my five-year-old used it.  He had so much fun running around and around and around the winding path.  Either way, the design was appropriate for the celebration… I read somewhere that the Hopi considered labyrinths to be symbolic of Mother Earth.

Stinson Beach Earth Day 025

Stinson Beach Earth Day 036

Stinson Beach Earth Day 031

For more information about the celebration, visit the official website… 9th Annual Free Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration.  All photos taken April 20th, 2013.


  1. Carol Welsh says:

    Such a beautiful, joyful child… 🙂


  2. Alex Jones says:

    In my county of Essex there is Saffron Walden where I used to live, which has a few mazes. They now have a maze festival.


    1. Ooh! That looks fun!


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