Observe: Insect Activity

What cool insect, arachnid (spider), or mollusk (snail) activity can you find around your yard? Has your child watched a spider spin a web? How about ants marching along on a mission? What about a snail eating a plant? Give your child the time and space to observe these small creatures in their natural environment… your back yard.

Here’s my five-year-old, completely fascinated, watching a caterpillar spin itself into a pupa….

C Caterpillar 024

Photo taken April 13th, 2013


  1. Please keep us posted on the progress of the chrysalis – and the future of the newly discovered caterpillar… I put woolly bear caterpillars in a jar last summer and a white moth hatched out – exciting!


    1. It’s cool. We went out to check on the status of the caterpillar this morning, and it’s now all wrapped up in a chrysalis under a leaf. A bonus… my son pointed out another caterpillar on the plant.


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