Llamas: Redwood Regional Park

Ever wanted to learn how to groom, feed, lead, and interact with llamas??  You can take a class through East Bay Regional Parks and take a walk through the redwoods.

During our bike ride earlier this week (Kid Bike Ride:  Redwood Regional Park), the kids stopped to watch this, a line of people walking with llamas.  The children were enchanted.

Redwood Bike Ride 047

Redwood Bike Ride 039

Redwood Bike Ride 043

Redwood Bike Ride 045

Interested in taking a hike with a llama?  Check out the East Bay Regional Parks website online registration page (www.EBParksonline.org) and search activities for “Llamas – Mystics of the Andes”.  The fee is currently $70-$78 per llama (which can be shared by up to three people).  Children have to be at least eight years old to participate.

Photos taken March 30th, 2013, at Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California.


  1. What fun! Being able to play with Llamas. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure.


  2. What a great park! I can’t believe there are llamas!


    1. It’s my favorite park in the area!


  3. nicola baird says:

    we went walking with llamas in the lake district last summer and it was lovely. they are such calm creatures – compared to horses. they certainly wouldn’t spook at kids on bikes staring at them… nicola http;//homemadekids.wordpress.com


    1. No, the llamas weren’t spooked at all! Though the kids stopped the second they saw the llamas and were perfectly focused on watching them until they were all passed.


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