Redwood: Kid Bike Ride

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A few days ago, we went to Redwood Regional Park for a bike ride with friends from our Nature Time! playgroup.  Super fun!

Redwood Bike Ride 004

Redwood Bike Ride 009

Redwood Bike Ride 014

Redwood Bike Ride 028

Redwood Bike Ride 024

Redwood Bike Ride 030

Redwood Bike Ride 034

Redwood Bike Ride 049

Redwood Bike Ride 052

Photos taken March 30th, 2013

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, California


  1. My mom used to do stuff like this with me when I was little. I have friends who missed out on simple joys like this. At 35, I’m still spending a great deal of time outdoors, which helps me deal with stress, gets me regular exercise, and brings some joy into my life. Some f my friends who grew up with more TV and video games than I was allowed, aren’t as happy today.

    You’re doing your children a profound service.


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