1. The House Sparrows are a real scourge for bluebirds, taking over their nests and destroying eggs and hatchlings. That doesn’t make them evil, they are just doing what their instincts tell them to do. But it is a problem for those concerned about bluebird survival. The other thing about House Sparrows is their numbers, I’d say at least half my bird food goes down their gullets. Of course, in some places the House Sparrow populations are in steep decline for reasons that are mysterious. Whether or not you like the phrase pest, I think that plants and animals that have the effect of reducing species diversity sometimes need to be controlled.


  2. Animals labelled as “pests” or plants as “weeds” is a subjective judgement. In their own ways they are all beautiful unique creations equally worthy of respect of life. No criticism on my part, just a judgement on that mindset that sometimes people fall into.


    1. I agree, especially with the concept of weeds (like dandelions). I think this bird is cute, and I’m sure they bring great pleasure to the children in the school. House Sparrows are considered pests because they are non-native, and they take over the homes of native bird species and displace them.


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