Little House in the Big Woods…

I started reading Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder to my son before bed last night. I was afraid it would be too much of a “girl” book for him to find it interesting, but, so far, I’ve been proven wrong. The first chapters have been primarily describing what life was like for the pioneer family living remotely in the woods back in the 1870s. My son has been enthralled with the stories about bears, hunting, food preparation, and such.

Towards the end of the second chapter, my son sat up excited and exclaimed that in the morning, he was going to make, out of Lego’s, a little house in the woods, a garden, Pa, a bear, and a pig. He was so excited, he had trouble falling asleep.

Sure enough, first thing this morning, here is what he built…



My son is home from school today, sick with a cold, and it’s a rainy day.  This was a perfect activity.. even better because it was entirely his idea.


  1. This is a lovely story… glad to know that your son did not think it a ‘girl’s’ book. What a super connection in making the ‘little house’ from lego. The other special part is that it was his idea – children learn so much when they instigate an activity and topic because the interest is there! Keep up the good work Linda!


    1. My son loved Charlotte’s Web, too. I read it to him last year after he became extremely upset after his “spider buddy” (a spider who’d built a web in his bedroom window) died. Who would think a child could become so attached to a spider? Seriously, it’s been a year, and he still talks about what a good friend that spider was.


    1. Yes, he’s been sick a ton this year! The flu, hand-foot-mouth, lots of colds… I think it’s because it’s his first year in school. We didn’t put him in daycare or preschool, so this is his first year of full-blown exposure to all the viruses and such.


      1. His immune system has been thrown in to the deep end. I was hammered by two colds in the Christmas period, I sympathise.


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