Signs of Spring: The Return of the Turkeys

Early yesterday morning, my son ran into the living room and screamed, “The turkeys are back!  Come look at them all!”  Sure enough, there was a gang of ten or so, walking across the hill behind our home.  The turkeys can be seen around Dublin throughout the winter, but only return to our neighborhood in the spring.  Glad to see them back!  I love to listen to their gobble-gobbles throughout the day.

Turkeys 007

Turkeys 008


Photos taken March 16th, 2013


  1. We had six turkeys last year. They came through our yard everyday until sometime in December. Hope they come back soon! Wonderful captures here, I especially love the last photo!


  2. We also love watching and listening to them around our house in the Hayward hills. I’m so impressed they fly up into trees and on top of houses in the evening! I guess they need to get off the ground away from predators like coyotes at night.


    1. As long as they keep their distance, they are OK. I know others that have troubles with the turkeys eating their plants and digging up the hillsides, but that hasn’t been an issue for us. We like them!


  3. They’ve come back around here too 🙂 You live in Dublin? I live in Mid America (Missouri) and we have a lot of farms. I can see them in the morning gobbling with the deer! lol Gotta love the country!


      1. Haha! I thought I read you say something about turkeys in Dublin… Looking back I’m pretty sure you were just making a St. Paddy’s Day reference. Sometime’s my blonde shows! lmbo But yes, we have MANY farms in Missouri. I live 20 minutes outside of St. Louis though so best of both worlds 🙂


          1. OMG! So I DIDN’T read it wrong! lmbo Just never heard of Dublin CA. I have a WP friend in Scotland so I guess I was thinking of him… he talks a lot about Ireland.

            GOOD to meet you though 🙂


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