Photography for Kids: Fun with an iPhone

I enjoyed a fun walk around our neighborhood on Monday with my son, looking for signs of spring.  My son loves to take photos, but he’s become frustrated with the quality of the images he takes on the kid camera we gave him for his birthday last year.  He wants to be able to take photos close-up, and his camera simply doesn’t zoom in well.  So I gave him my iPhone to shoot some photos with.

I posted some of his shots yesterday.  I think they’re pretty good!  You can seem them here… “Looking for Signs of Spring:  A Walk Around the Neighborhood“.

This is a great way for little photographers to have some fun, without having to purchase a new camera just for them.  That is, if you trust your child not to drop the phone…

Signs of Spring Walk 016

Signs of Spring Walk 021
(my photo, not his)

Signs of Spring Walk 018

Signs of Spring Walk 043

One of these days, I’ll show him to modify his photos using Snapseed.

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  1. Incredible photos………


  2. The boy in the photos looks a lot like my own son, Noah, but he is only 4.
    Very nice captures!
    You got yourself a new follower!
    If you dont mind, visit my photoblogg:
    I am from sweden and i have only been into photography for a year or so…
    I’d love to hear what you think.


    1. You have a new follower, too. Your photography is beautiful!


  3. Your son has a natural talent to capture the beauty and wonder around him. I think too that an iPhone camera will be a great tool for our little ones. I’m due in a getting a new phone and my son already is excited to get my old phone. We did have so much great memories with it. Happy Mother’s Day.


    1. Your son is going to love it! Mine just borrows my phone. Have a great weekend with your family!


  4. owlandash says:

    I love getting my boys involved with photography, just as I did when I was a young guy. My first camera was a Kodak Model 66. It’s funny to think that our children will grow up not knowing what film was and taking time to think about their pictures.
    Great blog and lovely photographs


    1. Thanks, Gary! I had a camera as a kid, too, and loved it. I had a special photo album where I put all my photos. They’re funny to look at now. Mostly, they are photos of my cats, but also some very poor shots of places like Yosemite. I loved that camera!


  5. My kids LOVE taking pictures and videos with my iPhone. This is a great idea to add extra excitement to our walks and park time. Also just downloaded Snapseed. I have been looking for an editing app for my phone so thanks for the recommendation! Just found your blog and am looking forward to following!


    1. Yay! Glad you found it useful. 🙂


  6. Alex Jones says:

    Your orange flowers photo is great. I like the photos capturing the focus of your son taking his own photographs. I use Photoscape to cut and reduce the memory of my photos before I post them to my blog.


    1. Thanks! I’ll have to check out Photoscape. On my computer, I’ve been using Picasa for years and have been happy with it. For photo apps on my cell phone, I have a few, but seem to use SnapSeed the most.


  7. My two boys would love this, but I’m not brave enough to let either use my iPhone yet. My oldest is pretty happy with my old digital camera, though!


    1. I tried to lessen the risk of damage by handing the phone to my son once he was standing over grassy areas. 🙂 We’ll be passing down an old digital camera to him for his birthday this year. He’s going to love it! He REALLY wants to photograph birds.


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