1. At Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota the ladybugs would congregate like that on the rocks by the shore. And people don’t believe me that they would bite! I was a little girl and I was pretty afraid of them. But after we stopped going up there for the summer weekends, I learned to like them in ones and twos.


  2. Oh.my.word. Those ladybugs! I have never seen anything like it before! I called my young son over to take a look and we are both mesmerised. Will definitely be checking out the other post. Thank you and amazing shots. Sharon


    1. Glad you and your son enjoyed them! My son likes the photos I took of our visit to see the ladybugs, but when we were actually there, he was kind of freaked out. He was terrified to walk on the trail, because he didn’t want to step on any… and it would have been impossible not to step on them. Ladybugs were everywhere!


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